Roller  and Inline Skating Center
5622 West Lake Street
Saint Louis Park, MN 55416
PH: 952-929-5518 or 952-922-RINK


Do adults have to pay admission?

Any adults who would like to skate will pay the regular admission plus skate rental if needed. For adults who are not skating, if that adult arrives to Roller Garden with a child who is paid for, then that adult would not need to pay admission. Any adults who arrive to Roller Garden without a child will need to pay admission whether they skate or not. On private events everyone pays admission whether they skate or not.

If my friends are skating, do I need to pay if I'm not skating?

Everyone must pay admission to enter. The only exception is a non-skating parent accompanying a paid child.

Can I bring my own skates or blades?

You may bring your own roller skates or inline skates. We do not allow "heely" type skates.

Can I bring in food?

No. We do not allow any food or beverage to be brought into the facility. If you are having a birthday by reservation, you may bring a cake or cupcakes but no other food or beverage. During private events, exceptions may be made only with prior approval by management.

What time are you open?

Our summer, winter and school holiday schedules vary. Please refer to specific schedules for times and prices.

What size skates do you rent?

We rent roller skates from a toddler size 8 up to an adult size 15, Inline rental from a toddler size 10 up to an adult size 14.

Do you sell skates?

Yes, we offer skates and equipment for indoor and outdoor use, for adults and kids. We carry many skates in stock for immediate purchase.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and Cash. Sorry, no checks.

Do I have to book a party in advance?

Yes. We require reservations and a non-refundable deposit at least 10 days prior to the party. We recommend making your reservation as early as possible since we do book full on many weekends.

Can I bring in a cake?

Only with a reserved birthday package.  Cake or cupcakes are allowed with a reserved birthday package only.  No other food or beverage allowed.

Are head phones & earbuds allowed?

No, we do not allow skaters to use head phones, earbuds or any other listening devices while skating.  The only exception is during Adult Only Sessions. 


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